Monday, May 6, 2013

Black Equipment: Overview

There are infernal devices, dark tools, and evil relics that haunt mankind. These things are varied in shape, form, and function. Some serve little purpose but mischief and trouble, others will damn a soul with a mere touch.

Some of these items have reached such heights of infamy that their name is known even to those normally unaware of the arcane.

Such is the case with the Necronomicon, the cursed book is filled with demonology and sanity blasting passages. It has been copied, translated, and released in different forms over the ages, copied time and time again by those fools ensnared by its power. Yet the knowledge contained in the book will lure fools into thinking that it can be used for better purposes. (Editor's Note: For Inquisitors and Researchers of high enough clearance a a copy is available within the Black Library for perusal. For those wishing to read it a waiver of damages and mandatory quarantine are necessary.)

In other situations an inherent darkness can reside within an otherwise ordinary item. The Muramasa blades are a perfect example of this. An otherwise perfect blade something in the forging warped the soul of these noble katanas. Despite being amongst the finest blades created they instill a blood-lust within their wielder that drives them to new savage heights. So deep is the hunger in these swords that many, once drawn, can not be sheathed without first tasting blood.

Such reliquaries are rare, the aforementioned items grant immense power to the owner, but always at great cost. Yet there are more common items that DPRCD personnel will encounter into the field.

Items such as Wolf Belts, Tainted Athames, Dark Runes, Possessed Swords, and Desecrated Altars can be readily created with the right knowledge and rituals. The forces of evil constantly besiege humanity with ever new tools and implements.

It is only through knowledge and our own blessed weaponry that we can seek to stand against them.