Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Challenge

Long ago the enchantress Morgana Le Fay penned a curse to humble Arthur. The full account of which is known as the tale of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

She is dust and Arthur slumbers hidden by magic and the best defenses that the London Branch can devise. However this particularly wicked curse survives to this day.

While the original script has been lost to antiquity it has been penned many times by many authors. The curse is very appealing as it requires next to no actual magical ability to work.

Two victims will be affected by the curse, the intended and the unintended. The intended is the individual or group whom is focused in the caster's mind. Unlike the Weeping Winnow Curse or the curse of Gillette the victim needs not be anyone in particular or do anything in particular for this hex to affect them. Once cast the clock begins ticking down.
Editor's Note: According to the DPRCD's records the curse will only affect men. No records exist of a female ever being the intended target although women have been present during the challenge.

The unintended victim can be anyone, unless specified; a random passerby, someone seen at a distance, or any person which happens to have a moment's bad luck when the curse takes effect. Editor's Note: There are in fact a  few factors which will effect the selection  of the unintended victim. The first is that they will always be a man, the second is that they will be in the same area as the victim.

The New Year's Challenge curse will present no signs to anyone until New Years Eve. Upon this night the unintended victim, hereafter known as the "Green Knight" will feel compelled to separate himself from other people. Once alone they will undergo a metamorphosis; growing larger and otherworldly as they swell with magic.

Upon New Year's day, usually at lunch or dinner, the challenge will be issued. The Green Knight will challenge the individual or group to kill him. The exact method of challenge will differ, it used to be an elegant axe or sword; in modern times it will often take the form of a beautifully made firearm and a shot to the heart. Whatever the method, the challenge will be the same.

The target must kill the challenger with the weapon, in exchange they shall get the exquisite weapon. However in a year and a day whoever accepts the challenge must allow the issuer to do the same to them.

At this point the victim has two choices; to accept the challenge or to refuse.

Refusal is the smarter if less honourable option, their valour will have been called into question and all present will know them for a coward.
Editor's Note: The curse is a little dated and most people will not in fact hold an individual who refuses to help an eight foot tall madman commit suicide at the dinner table in too much scorn.

However this will end the curse, the Green Knight will leave and return to normal remembering the entire affair. This usually requires a good amount of professional counseling afterwards as they try to work out what they were doing asking a stranger to help them kill themselves.

If on the other hand the victim accepts and does attempt to execute the knight then the curse enters its second stage. The massive knight will pick up their head or pull the bullet from their heart and instruct the victim to meet at a certain location in one year and a day.

The location in question will normally be a nexus of belief. In most areas this takes the form of a church, mosque, or synagogue; in others it will be a grove or significant tree, a collection of mysterious stones. The exact location does not matter only that it will be some place known to the victim.

The victim now has two choices, to make the appointment or not. The vast majority of individuals fail this test and never show up. Once again this is probably the smarter choice to make, although less honourable, as this results in proof of cowardice and the weapon will disappear never to be found again.

If however the victim shows up, without setting up a police sting, they will be given the option of bowing their own head or baring their chest as the Green Knight takes up the weapon. Whereupon he will then proceed to faux strike/shoot the victim two times. Assuming the victim's courage holds the Green Knight will turn back into the normal person.

At this point the unintended victim will know the name of the individual who originally cast the curse and be compelled to explain to the intended victim what just happened.

For this reason the DPRCD classifies the New Year's Challenge curse as mostly harmless as at no point is anyone in danger of anything except a fright during through the duration.

Editor's Note: The curse is most dangerous to the individual who cast it originally as once their identity has been divulged the victims often seek revenge.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Black Equipment: Overview

There are infernal devices, dark tools, and evil relics that haunt mankind. These things are varied in shape, form, and function. Some serve little purpose but mischief and trouble, others will damn a soul with a mere touch.

Some of these items have reached such heights of infamy that their name is known even to those normally unaware of the arcane.

Such is the case with the Necronomicon, the cursed book is filled with demonology and sanity blasting passages. It has been copied, translated, and released in different forms over the ages, copied time and time again by those fools ensnared by its power. Yet the knowledge contained in the book will lure fools into thinking that it can be used for better purposes. (Editor's Note: For Inquisitors and Researchers of high enough clearance a a copy is available within the Black Library for perusal. For those wishing to read it a waiver of damages and mandatory quarantine are necessary.)

In other situations an inherent darkness can reside within an otherwise ordinary item. The Muramasa blades are a perfect example of this. An otherwise perfect blade something in the forging warped the soul of these noble katanas. Despite being amongst the finest blades created they instill a blood-lust within their wielder that drives them to new savage heights. So deep is the hunger in these swords that many, once drawn, can not be sheathed without first tasting blood.

Such reliquaries are rare, the aforementioned items grant immense power to the owner, but always at great cost. Yet there are more common items that DPRCD personnel will encounter into the field.

Items such as Wolf Belts, Tainted Athames, Dark Runes, Possessed Swords, and Desecrated Altars can be readily created with the right knowledge and rituals. The forces of evil constantly besiege humanity with ever new tools and implements.

It is only through knowledge and our own blessed weaponry that we can seek to stand against them.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Legality of Hunters: Monster Laws

This is the second in our Legality Series.

Part one can be viewed here.

In the first post we discussed the different categories of Laws that can affect a Monster Hunter and how these can vary from location to location, from country to country and even with neighboring cities.

This post goes into the varying levels of laws that a hunter may encounter within any given zone.

Categories of Monster Laws:

The DPRCD has given a scale of 0-5 for any given areas Monster Laws. Furthermore any Category will have either an A or B designator. The A designator means that these laws apply universally to all monsters found within the region. The B designator means that these laws are not equally enforced across all species within the zone and that some may fall into a lesser or greater category.

Any hunter looking to operate into an area with a B designator needs to pay close attention to what species are covered as an area that usually is a Category 1 for 90% of the monsters may be a category 5 for certain creatures.

The most notable would be in Germany, while nominally a 2B country there are some creatures such as unicorns which fall into Category 5 legislation and any effort to hunt these can result in stiff penalties, jail time, and even the death penalty for uninformed hunters.

Category 0: 

There are no regulations for hunting any type of monsters within this area. Any hunter may protect humanity regardless of the creature being hunted. As there is no laws against their hunting there is no A or B designation for Category 0 zones.

Romania would qualify as a Category 0 country, due to the vampire infestation and the minions they bring, the country itself has no laws that protect any denizens of the night. This is mostly due to their long history of preying upon the people of the country.

Category 1: 

These locations have very few or very lax monster hunting regulations that are generally easy to comply with. This could mean as little as a fee paid or proper notice given. Licensing is scarce if required at all.

The Ukraine is a Category 1B country. The effects of Cherynobyl have caused a variety of new creatures to form and the government has little will to stop the populace from protecting themselves against any such abominations. However there are many Vedmak whom operate within their territory and the mixed results have led to certain protections that are not afforded to any other abomination or even witches.

As a result, in regards to Vedmak, the Ukraine has Category 4 regulations.

Category 2:

These locations have limited protections and rules that protect the monsters. Generally these are areas that have attachments to the creatures for some ungodly reason. It is still possible to hunt these creatures but often certain niceties and customs must be performed before a hunter can get to work.

Vatican City/Rome qualify as a Class 2B country/city. While the pope and church stringently hunt down and destroy any creature that may appear within their domain and support others to do the same, generally there are rituals and ceremonies of the Catholic faith that any hunter must go through before they receive papal permission. Notable exceptions appear to be Angelic beings which have a Category 5 rating within the Vatican.

Category 3:

In these regions monsters can find some legitimacy under laws, they approach more humane regulations. This could mean that a creature could be killed on a person's property but not in the wild or that they enjoy protection within designated areas, but not in others. Licensing and regulation of monster hunting licenses are more prevalent at this level.

The United States of America is a Class 3B country, it's laws and regulations vary so sharply within its borders that any independent hunter wishing to operate within its borders must check federal, state, and local laws before beginning work. In the USA and other first world nations there are generally organizations such as the Department of Paranormal Research Containment and Destruction that can assist hunters in their tasks.

Category 4:

Very stringent laws and protection. Category 4 areas are often signs of a high number of intelligent creatures that are capable of blending in and influencing the locals. However this is not always the case, the stringent protection could just arise from a relatively harmless but diminished population. The locals taking the view of preservation rather than extermination.

Norway is a Class 4A country, the local trolls are protected and only rarely are hunting permits issued. It is joked that you have more luck hunting a bear than getting a troll hunting permit by the local monster hunters. If an individual kills a troll without a license, they must prove to the respective entities that it was done in self defense or to save a life.

Category 5:

The highest possible Category any area can receive. In these areas monsters can not only have the same rights as humans, but even greater rights. These laws are universal and like the Category 0 areas does not have an A or B Classification as exceptions if they exist are incredibly rare.

The nation of Brunei is an example of a Category 5 country. The creatures that inhabit the country are not to be hunted or harmed by the locals. There are exceptions in regards to the Sultan and his family, however the laws are stringent enough and so limited as to classify the nation as a Category 5.

As with all things the laws of a country may be different from that of a state, county, shire, city, etc in very noticeable ways. What is a Category 0 country may contain Category 5 cities. All hunters are to look in depth into the areas rules and regulations before going to work.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Kickstart the Dungeon: Dwarven Forge

Taking a moment away from our duty as protectors of humanity we find ourselves in need of relaxation and refreshment every now and then.

However even in our downtime we find the time to train and prepare ourselves for the challenge to come.

In this regards I encourage our readers to support the Dwarven Forge Kickstarter for their Dungeon Tiles.

An example of the configuration of just one set

Dwarven Forge is a company that has been around for about 17 years now. It makes resin interlocking pieces about 2x2" for purchase to gamers and hunters. The tiles all came painted and ready to go out of the sturdy boxes/storage units.

A set up using their dungeon/cavern/building lines.

They were expensive, but you got a quality set every time from an individual who loved what he did. The new Kickstarter brings us the great resin sets that the Dwarven Forge fanbase has come to love, but for cheaper and made out of the resilient Dwarvenite so that instead of heavily padded large boxes they can be lovingly stored and transported without having crates and a forklift to move your collection.

The tiles allow you and your team to arrange a top down approach when setting up strategic scenarios and running through them in the dark dank reaches where monsters have a tendency to hide.

Editor's Note: I have personally been collecting Dwarven Forge sets since my first advanced builder set in 2002. I have always loved these tiles and am happy to see them doing so well. I have backed this kickstarter for 5 painted sets.

At this time they are completely funded at over $500,000, ten times their initial funding request and are working through some excellent stretch goals.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Stories from the Edge: Torment

I had just come back from having dinner with a lovely young girl and had just shut my eyes when they came for me.

It was the breathing that I heard first, the slow raspy intake of breath through their breathing slits. All I could do was lay in my coffin thinking that I must have misheard, that it was all a figment of my imagination. The stairs to my lair were old and poorly maintained and when I heard it creak of heavy booted feet.

I also realized that it was black, pure pitch black with not even a sliver of light coming from the first floor or stair well. My night vision was excellent, but not even my kind can see in absolute darkness, and yet I could hear the slow steady steps, one stair at a time, as they came for me.

There were several of them, moving silent as ghosts once they stepped off the stairs. I bared my fangs and moved towards the footfalls of one of them. Somehow they knew where I was and the others closed around me.

Their voices were hollow and monstrous. They commanded me to stillness and I scoffed. Their hearts were beating faster, I had inspired fear within them and it made me confident.

I wanted to resist, who were these insects, what did they want with me? Surely no human could see in the dark or sound like that.

A bright spark of light and my world was filled with fire. I tried to flee and yet my body would not respond, I thrashed uncontrollably like a newborn child. They bound me tightly in silver wire and slipped me into a rigid coffin of some kind. The burning never ceased and I nearly bit through my tongue when trying to cry out. Eventually I succumbed to the pain and slipped into oblivion.

When I awoke it was here in this room where they have kept me for the last several months. I am fed through a small slot where they drop my food. It is never enough, it is cold and lifeless, the hunger gnaws at me constantly.

Yesterday a rat crawled on the floor, overcame I seized and devoured it utterly. The rat's blood will sustain me, but it has nowhere near the flavor, that essential spark that mortal blood possesses.

Occasionally they come and set my body afire with their devices and yet never to the point of death. The only freedom I have is this pencil and paper, why I do not know, they must be reading and yet I no longer care.

I have driven the pencil into my heart three times already and yet each time I awaken the next night healed and whole.

What do you want?

Where am I?

 Why do you torment me?

*Written on the notepad of Subject NI-0725482**
Subject: NI-0725482
Alias: The Butcher of Babes, Old Red Eyes
Species: Nosferatu Imperator
Known Kills: 47 females, 25 under the age of 15.
Suspected Kills: 250
Origin: France, captured in St Petersberg
Age: 175 Years unlife, ~27 living
Subject Terminated after complete examination August 12, 2005

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Taxonomy: Mutanid

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Paradoxa
Order: Mutanid

Today's Paradoxa Taxonomy is the Order Mutanid. This order contains many famous monsters within its ranks. Two of these are the Sphinx (Genus Sphinx) and Manticores (Genus Manticora), both of the family Chimidae.

Mutanids are refereed to often as the "Mixing Pot" or "Hodge-Podge" order. The creatures that make up this order can generally be described as "Stitched" together.

The two primary families that make up the Mutanids are the Chimidae and Virtuidae.

The family Chimidae is easily the largest of the Mutanid groups. Also known as Chimeras These creatures are the stereotypical monster that consists of multiple creatures. The Sphinx, Manticore, and Chimera all make up the ranks of this family.

The simplest rule of thumb for Chimidae is that if the creature has the physical parts of at least two or three separate creatures there is a good chance it will be included in this family.

The Virtuous Creatures, while similar to chimidae these creatures are more than just a biological mixing pot. Generally a great deal of magic or spiritual essence is contained within these creatures. The European Unicorns and Asian Q'lin (Kirin) would be an excellent example. While most Q'lin appear to be made up of several seperate animals like a Chimidae, they appear to be more shaped by magical forces than their predecessors and have many fantastical powers to match.

Examples include Unicorns ability to disappear with magic and the Q'lin ability to fly without benefit of gas bladders or wings.

Mutanid vs Varinid
The order is not to be confused with the Varinid order. Varinids are mostly indistinguishable from a non-paradoxa creature. However they have some special difference that pushes them outside of the normal nomenclature for that genus or species. Mutanids on the other hand are vastly different creatures that may resemble in some way a different species, but they are wholly different.


Two excellent examples would be Unicorns and Leechmen.

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Paradoxa
Order: Mutanid
Family: Virtuidae
Genus: Equicornus
Species: E. Unicornus

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Paradoxa
Order: Varinid
Family: Personidae
Genus: Sanguisga
Species: S. Candeo

While a Unicorn appears for the most part as a regular horse it is different in very intrinsic ways. The creature is part magical being. The only way these noble creatures can be documented is by teams of virgin female researchers. Editor's Note: This makes for an interesting and uncomfortable interview process for positions on the research teams and very strict rules while in the field. 

They are clearly not horses in any shape and while maintaining many physical resemblances their light and appearance would make it impossible to mistake a unicorn for a horse.

Leechmen on the other hand resemble a normal human in every way except for a few minor differences such as sparkling in bright light and their cold touch. The leech venom that courses through their veins acts in the place of blood for these creatures. Yet they can walk amongst humans in most conditions with no one the wiser for their presence.

Saturday, March 23, 2013


There are many old orders which hunt monsters; the Vatican's Pontifical Swiss Shadow Guard, the Dutch Hellsing Institute, The Shaolin Devil Hunters, etc. Each of these organizations has long protected mankind from that which dwells in the dark.

However these institutions are for the most part secretive and insular by nature. Many view the others with suspicion and mistrust. In some cases such as that between the Swiss Guard and the French Foreign Legion hunting teams it is a healthy and competitive competition. In other cases such as the York Rite's Templars and the Islamic Shayātīn Assassins there have been cases of hostility and outright violence when the two organizations meet.

The Department of Paranormal Research, Containment, and Destruction; commonly known as the DPRCD, came into being in the mid 20th century. This multinational organization was formed by groups of concerned citizens who saw the darkness encroaching on mankind and chose to fight back. The organization was founded as a non-profit entity that would avoid the regionalism and issues that served to isolate other such entities.

The first hunter team the DPRCD put into the field saw action in the jungles of Vietnam. The fifty man team enrolled US, Australian, and French hunters with both North and South Vietnamese acting as guides and manpower. Frustrated by both sides ignoring the growing number of undead attacks that plagued North and South during the war the DPRCD team operated in secret across the country, even entering Cambodia and Laos to pursue the overfed children of Xương Cuồng and setting to peace many of the angry spirits that the bloodshed had caused.

Recruits to the DPRCD come from every corner of the world and rapidly became the leader for paranormal extermination research and conduct. The department understands that the most effective way to neutralize the threat is the application of science and understanding backed with traditional faith and the human spirit.

The DPRCD is comprised of four distinct elements.

Tactical Branch: The Department's Tactical Branch is a paramilitary order responsible for the training of international Hunter teams and response forces. The personnel that make up its ranks range from combat veterans and skilled hunters to talented survivors and local volunteers.

Research Branch: The Department's Research Branch is responsible for delving into the secrets of the occult and undead to learn new defenses, better our understanding, and provide the Tactical Branch the tools it needs to protect humanity. Its members range from crypto-biologists and meta-physicists to blacksmiths and chemists.

Logistical Branch: The Department's least recognized but incredibly important group. The Logistical Branch keeps the organization running. It's members provide the funds, support, transportation, and other resources necessary for the organization to continue functioning. The men and women of this group are made up of transport experts, diplomats, lawyers, pilots, and investigators.

Contract Branch: Recognizing that it is incapable of single-handedly fulfilling its role of protecting humanity the DPRCD has taken many smaller organizations on as Contractors that while working with the Department they are still separate entities. Some contractors are independent groups that are brought on for certain situations while others work so closely as to be almost indistinguishable from it. Holy Ammunition falls under this department's purview.

Each Branch is further divided into groups, orders, and missions that ensure the running of a successful operation.

All the Department of Paranormal Research, Containment, and Destruction members have a common goal. The protection of humanity from that which lurks in the shadows. The tireless efforts of these brave men and women keep the werewolf from the door.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Customer Service

We at Holy Ammunition believe fully in satisfying customers. A satisfied customer is a deadly customer and we pride ourselves in providing the most lethal monster hunting ordnance.

Hat Tip to Coyoteblog, when a customer requests a refund it is always examined to see if it is due to the fault of the client (if the client pushes the do not push button then it is pretty clear who is at fault).

However when your company comes out and says that you will give a refund for your defective product then when your customers contact you and you then refuse to give a refund that is another thing.

EA: You may request a refund.
Client: I would like a refund.
EA: Thank you for requesting a refund......DENIED!

This is becoming a very serious trend in gaming today. We at HA stopped purchasing pre-order games and now await reviews to see whether the game will be of any quality.

As more cases of voting with your wallet come to light it will force companies to re-evaluate their methods.

FULL DISCLOSURE: The reason I did not purchase SIM CITY was not because of the always online DRM, but because it was on Origin. The same reason I have not purchased Mass Effect 3. I have Steam and am quite satisfied with its services and game selection. I also do not trust EA as far as I could throw a Minotaur.

Interestingly enough something very similar is happening with movies. Thanks to the internet and spread of information bad movies no longer have a full opening weekend to make their money, in many cases they have just opening night. An example of this would be the Green Lantern movie, while Universal is having great success with the Marvel franchise and Warner Brothers is doing well with Batman and the soon launch of another Superman film the movie Green Lantern died in films. Bad reviews for it came out before the sun had even risen on its opening day. Many were warned away from it by these and the film failed to make back its money.

Street Fighter: We call her Chun-Li was absolutely terrible, same with Speed Racer. Instead of being able to rely on people not knowing about these movies until word of mouth had spread it the next week these films no longer have a weekend, but a single night to make their money.

Legality of Hunters

Long gone are the days when all it took to be a hunter was a suicidal abandon, righteous zeal, and a pointed stick. A very real concern that monster hunters face in this day and age is the threat of the law.

This is the first post in a series on laws and the legality of hunting monsters. We will delve into different areas of the law and what legal hoops a hunter must jump through to protect humanity.

Each and every area has its own rules and regulations that govern a hunter's ability to pursue prey. For ease of Classification HA has divided these countries into categories:

Monster Protection:
Certain misguided individuals will sometimes try to protect monsters and their ilk from hunters with regulation of when and where they can be hunted. It also covers permits and legal documents that a hunter will need. This can appear multiple times as National, Regional, and Local laws sometimes disagree.

An excellent example of this would be Los Angeles and San Fransisco. Both cities reside within the state of California inside of the United States of America. The United States of America while a melting pot of humans does not recognize the rights of a majority of creatures beyond humans to exist. While most things are not denied by their laws there is a massive difference on the State level.

California has some of the most restrictive monster hunting laws within the USA. However many such as the Chupacabra (Genus Caprisangulgus) despite being less common than other species are considered vermin and are not protected while within San Francisco where it is rare to find them the Chupacabra is listed as a protected species while Los Angeles actually pays a bounty for their heads.

Equipment Laws:
Another integral part of hunting, if a hunter is only allowed to go out with a pointed stick and a pocket knife they will have considerably less luck than one armed with the latest technology. However high-explosives, automatic weapons, and other tools may not be carried in many areas. In some countries such as Britain the very act of carrying a simple knife is illegal.

This extends beyond just weaponry to other equipment as well. In most of Australia it is illegal to merely possess body armour. In parts of the United States it is illegal to hunt using night vision devices depending on the species being pursued.

Local Perception/Integration:
How accepting the populace in general to not just the existence of the paranormal, but to the hunting of them. Not necessarily the legality, but how well are the creatures integrated into the population. Is the town you are going to hunt in 90%+ monsters such as some werewolf dominated places in the Catskills? Is the town police and government inundated by Shape-shifters or Vampires?

These are important questions that every hunter has to know before they enter a territory. More than one well meaning savior has hunted a beast to its home and slain it only to be strung up by a lynch mob for killing an "innocent". For while not a true legal matter has great standing on a Hunter's safety.

Methods of Hunting:
While similar to both the Protection and Equipment categories, methods of hunting is different enough to require its own derivation. This category determines the techniques that may be used in purging creatures. An example would be areas that outlaw trap hunting.

Miscellaneous Rules & Regulations:
This category is for any extra legal notes that a hunter would need to know when hunting in an area.

We will continue updating this series so as to better educate those hunters and improve their safety and success.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Taxonomy: Sanguisga Candeo

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Paradoxa
Order: Varinid
Family: Personidae
Genus: Sanguisga
Species: S. Candeo

A slightly fascinating and disturbing species, what was thought to be a new species of vampire discovered and dissected in the Pacific Northwest in2005 turned out to be nothing of the kind. Although there were slight similarities, they needed to feed on blood and they had fangs, they were found to be completely and intrinsically a different species and could not be classified as such. The term Leechmen appears to be the most appropriate. In these regards they were classified as such.

Order: Varinid, the variant Order, this order is comprised of creatures that are almost something else, but there is an important difference, also known as the fakes and pretenders.

Family: Personidae, members of this family are a human or hominid variant.

Genus: Sanguisga, this genus is made up of Bloodsuckers and creatures which survive on blood.

Species: Sanguisga Candeo, Shining Bloodsuckers. The leechmen sparkle in the sunlight, this is what lead to the distinction.

While capable of turning humans into their own kind and ageless this new species exhibited none of the signs normally associated with vampires.

The most notable differences appeared to be:

Skin: Their skin appeared to have crystallized somehow through a means not explainable in any way, shape, or form into something much harder than normal(about the level of a Class IIIA Bullet Proof Vest) skin yet still flexible. This exiting discovery has led to an increased number of hunters seeking these creatures to track them down and skin them to create better body armor.

Blood: The fluid that flowed through their veins turned out to be little more than a flammable and parasitic substance and not blood. It flowed like molasses and has been classified as a Category A UN2814, Biohazard Level 3 Substance. The substance appears to have a paralytic effect to another strain of shape shifters also recently located, however due to the risk of infecting humans it has been deemed unsuitable to be used in combat.

Eyes: The youngest of these creatures had blood red eyes. For some reason she did not hide them from other members of the student body and would respond to all stimuli with a sullen pout. The older members of the brood had yellowish golden eyes. Other specimens captured have dark crimson eyes, while the subjects explained this difference was diet related, Holy Ammunition Scientists found under clinical trials that it was entirely a mental response and had nothing to do with their diet.

Sparkle: The feature that makes it difficult for these bloodsuckers to hide is the sparkles that direct sunlight produces. Their strange skin will sparkle in bright light. This makes it very difficult for the leechmen to hide in any location and must have been explained away by the teenage looking creatures being ravers with too much body glitter.

Initially thought to only inhabit the Pacific Northwest of the United States of America, sitings of these creatures have been recorded since 2005 in Italy and Africa. Curious as to why these creatures are tolerated by the local Nosferatu populations our researchers interrogated several local broods.
The response was almost universally pity at what the vampires considered to be a pathetic creature. In many cases the vampire being questioned seemed almost embarrassed by the existence of these beings and tended to avoid them rather than stamp them out.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Electricity and the Hunter

Amongst the greatest achievements man has ever done is controlling directed electrons. It has provided us a limitless source of light to keep the night at bay through the use of light bulbs. However beyond powering flashlights, radios, and night vision devices electricity can be used as a weapon in the fight against monsters.

While Vampires (Genus Nosferatu) are little more than corpses animated with a dark energy and lust for blood, they still retain a biology very similar to that of a human being. This holds true for zombies, ghouls, and many other “undead” creatures.

As a result these perversions of natural law still have nervous systems capable of transmitting electric signals through the body.

The way a normal human body works is that the our living essence, beating heart, and functioning brain run off of very small amounts of electricity generated by all the cells within our body. To twitch your finger the brain fires off a series of electrical charges to the exact nerve cells which in turn release another electrical neurotransmitter that moves the muscle and sends feedback to the brain.

Depending on the variety of the undead these same nerve cells are either still functioning through the transmission of small amounts of electricity; this is most true for those undead which still mostly resemble humanity, or dark magic is forcing these same actions without the chemical and electric stimuli.

What matters to the hunter however is that the nerve cells that send and receive the neurotransmitters still function. Using the same devices that work on humans, stun guns & tasers, a hunter is capable of triggering the remaining nerves within a corpse and prevents the natural electricity/magic from functioning.

This is a great equalizer, it doesn’t matter if the creature is ten times stronger and twice the speed of a hunter, if a monster can’t even control a finger then they lose many of their unnatural advantages. With this in mind tazers and stun guns make up an essential part of a monster hunter’s arsenal. While these tools won’t usually destroy a beast it will provide the hunter with time and opportunity.

In some cases electricity can be a weapon itself. While not undead, Leechmen (********), have a flammable venom that runs through their body. The spark caused by a stun will set this fluid alight and consume it; against electricity the Leechman’s crystallized skin is no defense.

Non-Corporeal Creatures:
There are many ethereal and non-corporeal creatures in existence within the Order Necromunidae, they are almost exclusively within the family (*********). These creatures do not have a normal substance and can be made out of ectoplasm, aether, or many other magical elements.

One thing that most of these being have in common is that their presence disturbs the fabric of reality and generates an electromagnetic field. Electricity can disrupt the makeup of these creatures and unravel the very fabric which allows them to form. In this regards stun guns can be an extremely potent weapon against attacks from ethereal attackers.

Editor’s Note: Unfortunately efforts to create electrified armor have been suspended after the tragic and spectacular accident that consumed our last volunteer. However the State of Texas Penal system has shown great interest in these vests.

The Living:
It goes without saying that thanks to the quirks of biology what is effective against humans is also effective against many species of monsters. While not all creatures share the common biology of humans, enough do that stun guns and tazers should be part of every monster hunter’s kit. The use of electricity on different species will be explored in later posts and used to update outdated taxonomy reports in the hunter’s guide.

Good luck and safe hunting.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Taxonomy: Nosferatu

Amongst the most famous and feared of all the dark creatures are the Vampires. These ageless monsters prey on humanity seeing us little more than cattle. They are a parasitic species and flourish as we flourish.
This entry’s purpose is to establish the proper nomenclature of the Vampire.

Kingdom: Animalia
Even at the highest level their taxonomy has raised many questions before on whether to classify the victims as part of the disease. However only a portion of vampires are created through a disease, others are created by Magic and unknown means.

Phylum: Chordata
All known vampires fit the requirements for a Chordate creature.

Class: Paradoxa
Being creatures that do not fit within the normal biological constraints Vampires fall under the Class Paradoxa.

Order: Nocturnae
As with all Nocturnal creatures, vampires solely operate at night. While with protection they can survive and function during the day their abilities are greatly reduced.

Family: Nosophoridae
The Nosphos or disease bearing creatures are those monsters that can infect and turn others into their own kind. The decision to put vampires into the Nosophoridae Family and not the Necromunidae is still a heated debate by Crypto-zoologists. However while generally considered undead, vampires often still have heartbeats, pulse, and other differences from normal undead. In this regards they are closer to werewolves (Order Nosophoridae) than to Ghouls (Order Necromunidae).

Genus: Nosferatu
All vampires fall within the Nosferatu Genus. From here vampires are separated into species based on their origin, first known sire, notable feature, or historic act.

Examples of this include the vampires descended from the first murderer Kain, (Nosferatu Traditor), Dracula (Nosferatu Imperator), and many others. To date there are over a hundred separate species of Nosferatu recorded. Although through the ceaseless work of the hunters which protect us many of these species are now considered extinct.

Common Weaknesses:

All Nosferatu suffer from a severe allergy to Fire, Silver, Sunlight, and Blessed Elements. They will find wounds inflicted with any of these items to be extremely damaging and difficult to repair. Each species and even individual vampires display varying levels of allergy to these elements, much as a normal human would to allergies.

Certain other items such as garlic will affect some Nosferatu, but not others. Examples of this would be that while garlic will repel a N. Traditor it would have no effect on the N. Salire (Jianshi or Hopping Vampire). On the other hand glutinous rice is a valid weapon on a N. Salire and has no effect on the N. Traditor. It is suspected that this has something to do with the primogenitor of each line, but this is pure speculation.

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Power of a Blanket


Hunters fight their prey armed with holy weapons and knowledge. They protect us clad with Faith and Armor. The monsters that hunt humanity are foul beyond belief and deserve the cleansing flame.

Before I discussed the Family Pavoridae and their threat to our children. These most innocent of beings are hunted for their sweet terror. However in laboratory and hidden camera conditions we have found that children are not completely defenseless against what goes bump in the night and drinks fear like a fine wine.

Editors Note: Only one child was seriously harmed in the course of the Study and she was righteously avenged.

The techniques are easily demonstrable and can be easily taught to children as a last line of defense.

First: Blankets work.

A child’s blanket is a powerful weapon in resisting evil. While there are many creatures it will not stop such as werewolves, there are numerous creatures that it will.

For many creatures such as the Pavoridae who feed off fear, ghosts who are incorporeal, and many other creatures belief is more powerful than any physical weapon.

Therefore if a child puts his head under the blankets and truly believes that nothing can get him as long as they stay under the covers, they won’t be wrong. In many ways the purity of a child’s directed belief can be more of a deterrent than the most devout priest with a holy symbol.

However as with most belief and blessings, if a child were to learn that the blanket is not always effective or that the basis for the blanket’s protection is little more than the child itself, then the beliefs are no longer pure. This will weaken and even negate the protection offered by the thin sheet of cloth.

An adult knows just how weak and flimsy a sheet is and how it could never protect against anything. The subconscious will interfere and prevent the same defense.

Second: Light Switch/Lamp

Amongst the greatest inventions to protect humanity against the dark is the light bulb. It bathes our homes and surroundings in joyous light without burning and keeps the night at bay. No more huddling around torches and fires staring out into the infinite black.

People fear the dark because in our racial genetic memory we will always remember the claws and fangs of predators which live beyond our sight. We have good reason to fear it still and many children know this fear until adulthood has us suppress it (usually).

Night lights offer limited protection from those creatures which shun the light, but they can also cast long shadows which only heighten a child’s fears and give those stalking our young more power.

Bedside lamps and light switches nearby to overhead lights are of immeasurable value to a youth. As a general rule the hundreds of monstrous species that make up the Order Nocturnid will avoid or abandon prey bathed in light. From these creatures, while bathed in a halo of artificial light, a child is as safe as they would be surrounded by a phalanx of Templars.

Important Note: While a bedside or overhead light will banish the darkness, a torch/flashlight can have the opposite effect. Within its cone no monsters will be seen, but outside of that limited radius the shadows deepen, our night vision fails, and the fear can grow. While not completely without merit this device can occasionally make things worse, especially against a creature which feeds off of fear.

Final: Close your eyes and count to five

There are two ways that this exercise helps.

The first is that the act of the child closing their eyes and counting will distract them. They won’t be able to see the nothingness, just their own self made darkness. The noise of them counting will echo inside their head, even if it is a silent count. (It’s better to be a silent count as any extra noise will only attract a creature more intently to its prey). This personal noise will sound much louder than any background noise and allow the potential victim to not focus on what might be there.

The second form of assistance is that it will actually calm the child down. Many creatures hunt and feed on fear. The less fear that a victim gives off the less appetizing and appealing that target becomes. This means that if the child is not already being stalked by a monster it lowers the chance of them being the most attractive target.

The truth of the matter is that there is no perfect way of protecting your child from the dangers that exist, but with a few easy techniques you can greatly increase their odds.


Read these words and take them to heart my young friend.

There are creatures out there that mean you no good.

However your loved ones/parents/guardians/teacher/friends (Circle/Highlight the one that best fits) have decided to help protect you from this evil.

When you are put to bed all you need to do is follow three easy steps and nothing can ever hurt you.

1: Your blanket will protect you from harm. By pulling the sheets over your head a monster will be lost and confused. They will be unable to find or hurt you and will flee. *THE BLANKETS ONLY WORK WHILE YOU ARE IN BED*

2: Monsters hate light. If you have a bedside lamp or a light switch next to your bed*DO NOT GET OUT OF BED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES TOUCHING THE FLOOR WILL KILL YOU* then you can turn on the lights and all the monsters will flee. If you only have a torch or flashlight then turn it on and shine it around the room once. The evil will flee its light, afterwards pull your bed covers over you and you will have both light and a protective cover, no creature in existence can beat this indestructible combination.

3: If you can’t see them they can’t hurt you. If you followed steps one and two you are untouchable, however for an extra boost of safety shut your eyes and count slowly to five. If you are unable to count to five just count to as high as you can and start over five times. *STAY QUIET OR THEY MIGHT HEAR YOU AND WHATEVER HAPPENS STAY IN BED*

By following these three easy steps nothing will ever be able to hurt you ever again.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

CDC Outbreak

The Center for Disease Control is continuing their long history of preparing for the worst should our valiant hunters ever fail to stem the tide of darkness.

With so many species capable of reproducing by bite and other means through humans the CDC has expanded their scope from zombies to all monster outbreaks.


We here at HA appreciate the tireless efforts of these public servants working to educate the public on the dangers that lurk in the darkness.

For the purpose of the app the user takes the roll of an investigator who is working to contain an outbreak. Quarantine the village, question the infected, etc.

Unfortunately putting the infected to the flames does not appear to be a prevalent option, but we have hopes that this will be remedied in a later patch.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Stories from the Edge: Disclaimer

This is the first post that begins a series of creepy/true stories, sometimes passed down by legend, over a campfire, or found recently.

We at Holy Ammunition LLC do not claim credit for many of these stories, and will always state so with Author Unknown. We will try to give credit where it is due and locate the author or any possible source before publishing on the blog.

If any author sees work they have published on this site please contact us using the contact link or ammoreverend@holyammunition.com. We will investigate the validity of the claim and if any evidence can be offered to back the claim we will be more than happy to credit your work however you wish.

If anyone would like to expand or add to these tales with further information, back story, or point of view. Please either email us or add it into the comments and we will be happy to update the story.

Many of the stories come from the hunter files and debriefings of clients and personnel of Holy Ammunition LLC. These have been written down in our vaults over the years and preserved as guides for other hunters.
If anyone has a creepy story they would like published and made available to the public then please email us the story and if it peaks the Ammo Reverend’s interests then we will publish it.

It should be noted that this is not creepypasta nor crappypasta. The stories here are related to hunters and hunter's misfortunes and not meant to be what these two excellent websites host. Editor's Note: One of them is an excellent site the other will make you cry tears of blood....In a bad way. This is not a place to try because you got rejected from one (or both, God help your soul) of the sites.

Story recovered from HA safe house in Cairo.

Don’t fall asleep, that’s when they come for you in those last few moments of wakefulness. As you fall asleep they press at your skin trying to get in, this manifests as itches all over the body.

Let out from that half realm there is no telling what evil they can do. They may have once been alive like you and I, but something happened. There are more of them every year, scratching at our arms and legs trying to get in.

It is impossible to describe them in any detail as they exist between states. They are powerless while you are awake and normally powerless once you are asleep, but in those lulling moments as you fall into yourself they are powerful.

Take care not to linger to long in that time between dreams. I don’t know who they are or where they come from, but they are not friendly. Sometimes one will get through and that’s when the darkest of nightmares occur, the ones when you are running and something is pursuing you or when you know there is something stalking you but you can’t run, or hide, or scream.

You need to fall asleep and wake up, that’s all you can do to prevent them from getting through. Ignore the sounds at the limits of your hearing, the itching, the movement that isn't there. They're trying to keep you from falling asleep and in the halfway state.

Too long spent at the edge of sleep just means that more of them can gather and try to get in; don’t look for them, don’t speak to them, don't wonder. Just sleep.

*** Security tapes recovered shows a single team member leaving the building. Of a six man squad only ****NAME REDACTED****** was ever seen and is being sought by inquisitors for questioning.***