Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Stories from the Edge: Disclaimer

This is the first post that begins a series of creepy/true stories, sometimes passed down by legend, over a campfire, or found recently.

We at Holy Ammunition LLC do not claim credit for many of these stories, and will always state so with Author Unknown. We will try to give credit where it is due and locate the author or any possible source before publishing on the blog.

If any author sees work they have published on this site please contact us using the contact link or We will investigate the validity of the claim and if any evidence can be offered to back the claim we will be more than happy to credit your work however you wish.

If anyone would like to expand or add to these tales with further information, back story, or point of view. Please either email us or add it into the comments and we will be happy to update the story.

Many of the stories come from the hunter files and debriefings of clients and personnel of Holy Ammunition LLC. These have been written down in our vaults over the years and preserved as guides for other hunters.
If anyone has a creepy story they would like published and made available to the public then please email us the story and if it peaks the Ammo Reverend’s interests then we will publish it.

It should be noted that this is not creepypasta nor crappypasta. The stories here are related to hunters and hunter's misfortunes and not meant to be what these two excellent websites host. Editor's Note: One of them is an excellent site the other will make you cry tears of blood....In a bad way. This is not a place to try because you got rejected from one (or both, God help your soul) of the sites.

Story recovered from HA safe house in Cairo.

Don’t fall asleep, that’s when they come for you in those last few moments of wakefulness. As you fall asleep they press at your skin trying to get in, this manifests as itches all over the body.

Let out from that half realm there is no telling what evil they can do. They may have once been alive like you and I, but something happened. There are more of them every year, scratching at our arms and legs trying to get in.

It is impossible to describe them in any detail as they exist between states. They are powerless while you are awake and normally powerless once you are asleep, but in those lulling moments as you fall into yourself they are powerful.

Take care not to linger to long in that time between dreams. I don’t know who they are or where they come from, but they are not friendly. Sometimes one will get through and that’s when the darkest of nightmares occur, the ones when you are running and something is pursuing you or when you know there is something stalking you but you can’t run, or hide, or scream.

You need to fall asleep and wake up, that’s all you can do to prevent them from getting through. Ignore the sounds at the limits of your hearing, the itching, the movement that isn't there. They're trying to keep you from falling asleep and in the halfway state.

Too long spent at the edge of sleep just means that more of them can gather and try to get in; don’t look for them, don’t speak to them, don't wonder. Just sleep.

*** Security tapes recovered shows a single team member leaving the building. Of a six man squad only ****NAME REDACTED****** was ever seen and is being sought by inquisitors for questioning.***

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