Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Body Armor and its effectiveness

One of the most important things to remember when hunting the minions of evil is protection. Many people just naturally assume because the thing you are hunting can throw a motorbike or rip a person’s head off with its bare talons that there is nothing that can be done for protection.

This is far from true and shows a distinct short sightedness on the part of the hunter. While it is true that normal bullet proof vests are of only limited use there are many alternative selections and protective devices that may be employed.

Bullet Proof vests: While these vest are useful in facing those creatures which make use of modern firearms it does not deal with many of the more common threats and natural weapons that monsters can bring to bear. The protection against firearms and weapons that rely on blunt force such as a thrown rock or club will be enhanced with stab protection.

Protection of a vest is established by the National Institute of Justice they have standards that work out as follows:

Type IIA: This is the lowest recognized level of protection. They are lightweight thin vests that will protect again a 9mm short or a .40 S&W round.

Type II: Second lowest level. Only slightly more protection it will stop penetration from a 9mm or .357 magnum.

Type IIIA: Bulkier, weighs about as much as a heavy jacket. It will stop .357 SIG & .44 Magnum rounds.

Type III: Either Plate or extremely Heavy Weave. This is designed to stop up to 7.62mm Rifle Rounds.

Type IV: Heaviest Vest Class. Usually a mixture of flexible vest and ceramic/steel inserts. It is designed to stop .30 caliber armor piercing rounds.

Many bullet proof vests are now also rated on stab and spike protection. These vests are excellent for protecting an individual from claws and fangs of the night’s denizens.

Stab vs Spike: The difference between nail and tooth. A stab is also known as a “knife edge” strike or the slash of a werewolf’s claws, while Spike would be more along the lines of a stinger, pincers, and horns.

Level 1: Will stop a fang or claw that impacts the armor with low energy 24-36 Joules, equivalent to a ghoul’s claws or a memphit’s sting.

Level 2: Will stop a strike of 33-50 Joules, equivalent to the swipe from a Japanese Baku or the beak of a Valravn.

Level 3: Will stop between 43-65 Joules of an impact, equivalent to an Amarok’s claws or a Manticore’s sting.

Now it is important to remember that just because it won’t stop everything doesn’t mean that it won’t slow it down or protect you. While there is little short of a brick wall that would stop a Minotaur’s horns from goring a man, it can mean the difference between being cut and being eviscerated.

There are other means of defending yourself, although in the modern world they may cause a raised eyebrow or two.

Chainmail is extremely good against slashing attacks, but offer limited protection against modern weapons or stabbing attacks.

Plate armor offers some of the best protection available against a monster’s claws, however the loss of mobility and extra weight generally negate the gained protection.

Leather jackets add a small amount of protection against both environmental hazards as well as the tools of monsters. It won’t draw too much attention in public, has no legal restrictions (most places), and can make the hunter look cool (a very real concern amongst many younger male hunters).

Motorcycle armor is often overlooked, but very useful. It is light enough to be worn under large jackets, offers excellent joint and impact protection, and is relatively inexpensive. One of the most useful components that many hunters have taken to wearing is the spine guard from such sets.

As always, knowledge is the hunter’s best defense when it comes to the forces of evil. Intangible and ethereal creatures will find faith and a strong holy defense more of a barrier than even the thickest armor while many dumb brutes will gladly swallow your holy symbol with the rest of your body. 

All forms of protection made by Holy Ammunition LLC come with not just physical protection but also charms and prayers woven into the very essence to best protect those who would protect humanity. While we are not able to foresee all calamities that might befall we believe in giving our clients the greatest possible level of protection for the best price.

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