Thursday, February 14, 2013

Canada Protects Itself From Zombies

Many governments stand idle and choose to ignore the darkness that threatens to engulf humanity. Some even go so far as to make it more difficult for citizens to defend themselves and to hunt down the evil that lurks in the shadows.

Canada however has shown great foresight and wisdom by addressing this issue in their House of Commons.

While Canada has shamefully limited its citizens ability to defend themselves with restrictive gun laws at least they are attempting to protect their people with international coordination and a well thought out plan in case of emergency.

MP Pat Martin deserves the highest praise for bringing this issue before the House of Commons who so vigorously accept his words as sense. One MP was so giddy with relief he almost falls down in a fit of laughter (to the right of Pat Martin at 0:15 mark).

The rousing applause and cheering from the House (0:45) shows the universal support.

Finally John Baird, the Minister of Foreign Affairs (0:57) confirms that he will be working with his American Counter parts to ensure the safety of two sovereign nations.

If only all governments in the world were as forward thinking and supportive of humanity as Canada when it comes to combating the legions of evil. Now if only the country would work more towards into eliminating the final bastion of Sasquatch located within their borders they would truly stand as a beacon of hope in this world.

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