Friday, February 22, 2013

The Power of a Blanket


Hunters fight their prey armed with holy weapons and knowledge. They protect us clad with Faith and Armor. The monsters that hunt humanity are foul beyond belief and deserve the cleansing flame.

Before I discussed the Family Pavoridae and their threat to our children. These most innocent of beings are hunted for their sweet terror. However in laboratory and hidden camera conditions we have found that children are not completely defenseless against what goes bump in the night and drinks fear like a fine wine.

Editors Note: Only one child was seriously harmed in the course of the Study and she was righteously avenged.

The techniques are easily demonstrable and can be easily taught to children as a last line of defense.

First: Blankets work.

A child’s blanket is a powerful weapon in resisting evil. While there are many creatures it will not stop such as werewolves, there are numerous creatures that it will.

For many creatures such as the Pavoridae who feed off fear, ghosts who are incorporeal, and many other creatures belief is more powerful than any physical weapon.

Therefore if a child puts his head under the blankets and truly believes that nothing can get him as long as they stay under the covers, they won’t be wrong. In many ways the purity of a child’s directed belief can be more of a deterrent than the most devout priest with a holy symbol.

However as with most belief and blessings, if a child were to learn that the blanket is not always effective or that the basis for the blanket’s protection is little more than the child itself, then the beliefs are no longer pure. This will weaken and even negate the protection offered by the thin sheet of cloth.

An adult knows just how weak and flimsy a sheet is and how it could never protect against anything. The subconscious will interfere and prevent the same defense.

Second: Light Switch/Lamp

Amongst the greatest inventions to protect humanity against the dark is the light bulb. It bathes our homes and surroundings in joyous light without burning and keeps the night at bay. No more huddling around torches and fires staring out into the infinite black.

People fear the dark because in our racial genetic memory we will always remember the claws and fangs of predators which live beyond our sight. We have good reason to fear it still and many children know this fear until adulthood has us suppress it (usually).

Night lights offer limited protection from those creatures which shun the light, but they can also cast long shadows which only heighten a child’s fears and give those stalking our young more power.

Bedside lamps and light switches nearby to overhead lights are of immeasurable value to a youth. As a general rule the hundreds of monstrous species that make up the Order Nocturnid will avoid or abandon prey bathed in light. From these creatures, while bathed in a halo of artificial light, a child is as safe as they would be surrounded by a phalanx of Templars.

Important Note: While a bedside or overhead light will banish the darkness, a torch/flashlight can have the opposite effect. Within its cone no monsters will be seen, but outside of that limited radius the shadows deepen, our night vision fails, and the fear can grow. While not completely without merit this device can occasionally make things worse, especially against a creature which feeds off of fear.

Final: Close your eyes and count to five

There are two ways that this exercise helps.

The first is that the act of the child closing their eyes and counting will distract them. They won’t be able to see the nothingness, just their own self made darkness. The noise of them counting will echo inside their head, even if it is a silent count. (It’s better to be a silent count as any extra noise will only attract a creature more intently to its prey). This personal noise will sound much louder than any background noise and allow the potential victim to not focus on what might be there.

The second form of assistance is that it will actually calm the child down. Many creatures hunt and feed on fear. The less fear that a victim gives off the less appetizing and appealing that target becomes. This means that if the child is not already being stalked by a monster it lowers the chance of them being the most attractive target.

The truth of the matter is that there is no perfect way of protecting your child from the dangers that exist, but with a few easy techniques you can greatly increase their odds.


Read these words and take them to heart my young friend.

There are creatures out there that mean you no good.

However your loved ones/parents/guardians/teacher/friends (Circle/Highlight the one that best fits) have decided to help protect you from this evil.

When you are put to bed all you need to do is follow three easy steps and nothing can ever hurt you.

1: Your blanket will protect you from harm. By pulling the sheets over your head a monster will be lost and confused. They will be unable to find or hurt you and will flee. *THE BLANKETS ONLY WORK WHILE YOU ARE IN BED*

2: Monsters hate light. If you have a bedside lamp or a light switch next to your bed*DO NOT GET OUT OF BED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES TOUCHING THE FLOOR WILL KILL YOU* then you can turn on the lights and all the monsters will flee. If you only have a torch or flashlight then turn it on and shine it around the room once. The evil will flee its light, afterwards pull your bed covers over you and you will have both light and a protective cover, no creature in existence can beat this indestructible combination.

3: If you can’t see them they can’t hurt you. If you followed steps one and two you are untouchable, however for an extra boost of safety shut your eyes and count slowly to five. If you are unable to count to five just count to as high as you can and start over five times. *STAY QUIET OR THEY MIGHT HEAR YOU AND WHATEVER HAPPENS STAY IN BED*

By following these three easy steps nothing will ever be able to hurt you ever again.


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