Friday, March 8, 2013

Customer Service

We at Holy Ammunition believe fully in satisfying customers. A satisfied customer is a deadly customer and we pride ourselves in providing the most lethal monster hunting ordnance.

Hat Tip to Coyoteblog, when a customer requests a refund it is always examined to see if it is due to the fault of the client (if the client pushes the do not push button then it is pretty clear who is at fault).

However when your company comes out and says that you will give a refund for your defective product then when your customers contact you and you then refuse to give a refund that is another thing.

EA: You may request a refund.
Client: I would like a refund.
EA: Thank you for requesting a refund......DENIED!

This is becoming a very serious trend in gaming today. We at HA stopped purchasing pre-order games and now await reviews to see whether the game will be of any quality.

As more cases of voting with your wallet come to light it will force companies to re-evaluate their methods.

FULL DISCLOSURE: The reason I did not purchase SIM CITY was not because of the always online DRM, but because it was on Origin. The same reason I have not purchased Mass Effect 3. I have Steam and am quite satisfied with its services and game selection. I also do not trust EA as far as I could throw a Minotaur.

Interestingly enough something very similar is happening with movies. Thanks to the internet and spread of information bad movies no longer have a full opening weekend to make their money, in many cases they have just opening night. An example of this would be the Green Lantern movie, while Universal is having great success with the Marvel franchise and Warner Brothers is doing well with Batman and the soon launch of another Superman film the movie Green Lantern died in films. Bad reviews for it came out before the sun had even risen on its opening day. Many were warned away from it by these and the film failed to make back its money.

Street Fighter: We call her Chun-Li was absolutely terrible, same with Speed Racer. Instead of being able to rely on people not knowing about these movies until word of mouth had spread it the next week these films no longer have a weekend, but a single night to make their money.

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