Thursday, March 28, 2013

Taxonomy: Mutanid

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Paradoxa
Order: Mutanid

Today's Paradoxa Taxonomy is the Order Mutanid. This order contains many famous monsters within its ranks. Two of these are the Sphinx (Genus Sphinx) and Manticores (Genus Manticora), both of the family Chimidae.

Mutanids are refereed to often as the "Mixing Pot" or "Hodge-Podge" order. The creatures that make up this order can generally be described as "Stitched" together.

The two primary families that make up the Mutanids are the Chimidae and Virtuidae.

The family Chimidae is easily the largest of the Mutanid groups. Also known as Chimeras These creatures are the stereotypical monster that consists of multiple creatures. The Sphinx, Manticore, and Chimera all make up the ranks of this family.

The simplest rule of thumb for Chimidae is that if the creature has the physical parts of at least two or three separate creatures there is a good chance it will be included in this family.

The Virtuous Creatures, while similar to chimidae these creatures are more than just a biological mixing pot. Generally a great deal of magic or spiritual essence is contained within these creatures. The European Unicorns and Asian Q'lin (Kirin) would be an excellent example. While most Q'lin appear to be made up of several seperate animals like a Chimidae, they appear to be more shaped by magical forces than their predecessors and have many fantastical powers to match.

Examples include Unicorns ability to disappear with magic and the Q'lin ability to fly without benefit of gas bladders or wings.

Mutanid vs Varinid
The order is not to be confused with the Varinid order. Varinids are mostly indistinguishable from a non-paradoxa creature. However they have some special difference that pushes them outside of the normal nomenclature for that genus or species. Mutanids on the other hand are vastly different creatures that may resemble in some way a different species, but they are wholly different.


Two excellent examples would be Unicorns and Leechmen.

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Paradoxa
Order: Mutanid
Family: Virtuidae
Genus: Equicornus
Species: E. Unicornus

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Paradoxa
Order: Varinid
Family: Personidae
Genus: Sanguisga
Species: S. Candeo

While a Unicorn appears for the most part as a regular horse it is different in very intrinsic ways. The creature is part magical being. The only way these noble creatures can be documented is by teams of virgin female researchers. Editor's Note: This makes for an interesting and uncomfortable interview process for positions on the research teams and very strict rules while in the field. 

They are clearly not horses in any shape and while maintaining many physical resemblances their light and appearance would make it impossible to mistake a unicorn for a horse.

Leechmen on the other hand resemble a normal human in every way except for a few minor differences such as sparkling in bright light and their cold touch. The leech venom that courses through their veins acts in the place of blood for these creatures. Yet they can walk amongst humans in most conditions with no one the wiser for their presence.

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