Monday, March 4, 2013

Taxonomy: Sanguisga Candeo

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Paradoxa
Order: Varinid
Family: Personidae
Genus: Sanguisga
Species: S. Candeo

A slightly fascinating and disturbing species, what was thought to be a new species of vampire discovered and dissected in the Pacific Northwest in2005 turned out to be nothing of the kind. Although there were slight similarities, they needed to feed on blood and they had fangs, they were found to be completely and intrinsically a different species and could not be classified as such. The term Leechmen appears to be the most appropriate. In these regards they were classified as such.

Order: Varinid, the variant Order, this order is comprised of creatures that are almost something else, but there is an important difference, also known as the fakes and pretenders.

Family: Personidae, members of this family are a human or hominid variant.

Genus: Sanguisga, this genus is made up of Bloodsuckers and creatures which survive on blood.

Species: Sanguisga Candeo, Shining Bloodsuckers. The leechmen sparkle in the sunlight, this is what lead to the distinction.

While capable of turning humans into their own kind and ageless this new species exhibited none of the signs normally associated with vampires.

The most notable differences appeared to be:

Skin: Their skin appeared to have crystallized somehow through a means not explainable in any way, shape, or form into something much harder than normal(about the level of a Class IIIA Bullet Proof Vest) skin yet still flexible. This exiting discovery has led to an increased number of hunters seeking these creatures to track them down and skin them to create better body armor.

Blood: The fluid that flowed through their veins turned out to be little more than a flammable and parasitic substance and not blood. It flowed like molasses and has been classified as a Category A UN2814, Biohazard Level 3 Substance. The substance appears to have a paralytic effect to another strain of shape shifters also recently located, however due to the risk of infecting humans it has been deemed unsuitable to be used in combat.

Eyes: The youngest of these creatures had blood red eyes. For some reason she did not hide them from other members of the student body and would respond to all stimuli with a sullen pout. The older members of the brood had yellowish golden eyes. Other specimens captured have dark crimson eyes, while the subjects explained this difference was diet related, Holy Ammunition Scientists found under clinical trials that it was entirely a mental response and had nothing to do with their diet.

Sparkle: The feature that makes it difficult for these bloodsuckers to hide is the sparkles that direct sunlight produces. Their strange skin will sparkle in bright light. This makes it very difficult for the leechmen to hide in any location and must have been explained away by the teenage looking creatures being ravers with too much body glitter.

Initially thought to only inhabit the Pacific Northwest of the United States of America, sitings of these creatures have been recorded since 2005 in Italy and Africa. Curious as to why these creatures are tolerated by the local Nosferatu populations our researchers interrogated several local broods.
The response was almost universally pity at what the vampires considered to be a pathetic creature. In many cases the vampire being questioned seemed almost embarrassed by the existence of these beings and tended to avoid them rather than stamp them out.

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