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There are many old orders which hunt monsters; the Vatican's Pontifical Swiss Shadow Guard, the Dutch Hellsing Institute, The Shaolin Devil Hunters, etc. Each of these organizations has long protected mankind from that which dwells in the dark.

However these institutions are for the most part secretive and insular by nature. Many view the others with suspicion and mistrust. In some cases such as that between the Swiss Guard and the French Foreign Legion hunting teams it is a healthy and competitive competition. In other cases such as the York Rite's Templars and the Islamic Shayātīn Assassins there have been cases of hostility and outright violence when the two organizations meet.

The Department of Paranormal Research, Containment, and Destruction; commonly known as the DPRCD, came into being in the mid 20th century. This multinational organization was formed by groups of concerned citizens who saw the darkness encroaching on mankind and chose to fight back. The organization was founded as a non-profit entity that would avoid the regionalism and issues that served to isolate other such entities.

The first hunter team the DPRCD put into the field saw action in the jungles of Vietnam. The fifty man team enrolled US, Australian, and French hunters with both North and South Vietnamese acting as guides and manpower. Frustrated by both sides ignoring the growing number of undead attacks that plagued North and South during the war the DPRCD team operated in secret across the country, even entering Cambodia and Laos to pursue the overfed children of Xương Cuồng and setting to peace many of the angry spirits that the bloodshed had caused.

Recruits to the DPRCD come from every corner of the world and rapidly became the leader for paranormal extermination research and conduct. The department understands that the most effective way to neutralize the threat is the application of science and understanding backed with traditional faith and the human spirit.

The DPRCD is comprised of four distinct elements.

Tactical Branch: The Department's Tactical Branch is a paramilitary order responsible for the training of international Hunter teams and response forces. The personnel that make up its ranks range from combat veterans and skilled hunters to talented survivors and local volunteers.

Research Branch: The Department's Research Branch is responsible for delving into the secrets of the occult and undead to learn new defenses, better our understanding, and provide the Tactical Branch the tools it needs to protect humanity. Its members range from crypto-biologists and meta-physicists to blacksmiths and chemists.

Logistical Branch: The Department's least recognized but incredibly important group. The Logistical Branch keeps the organization running. It's members provide the funds, support, transportation, and other resources necessary for the organization to continue functioning. The men and women of this group are made up of transport experts, diplomats, lawyers, pilots, and investigators.

Contract Branch: Recognizing that it is incapable of single-handedly fulfilling its role of protecting humanity the DPRCD has taken many smaller organizations on as Contractors that while working with the Department they are still separate entities. Some contractors are independent groups that are brought on for certain situations while others work so closely as to be almost indistinguishable from it. Holy Ammunition falls under this department's purview.

Each Branch is further divided into groups, orders, and missions that ensure the running of a successful operation.

All the Department of Paranormal Research, Containment, and Destruction members have a common goal. The protection of humanity from that which lurks in the shadows. The tireless efforts of these brave men and women keep the werewolf from the door.

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