Monday, January 6, 2014

Elven Lobbyists Block Highway

Apparently the government wants to build a highway from the capitol to the Alftanes peninsula. In Iceland a group called the Hrauvinir, “Frinds of the Lava,” are acting on behalf of a group of Icelandic Elves.

While the DPRCD embraces the expansion of humanity and its infrastructure we are also very glad that the old ways are still being honoured. The Icelandic hidden folk are a tricky and mercurial people. Treated kindly they can spread joy and offer protection and comfort; however when they are upset and offended by humans they can play cruel pranks and hurt people.

The way to keep them happy is very simple; leave them alone, set out small treats for their delight, and build the small homes for them to stay in.

The ways to make them upset are even easier to avoid: Don’t bulldoze their homes and cover it in asphalt and concrete.

 Hat tip to [Overlawyered]

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